Tesh Havendale

The devilishly dashing and daring death-dealer


Physical Description: A rugged and scrawny man, the rogue known as Tesh is hardly expressive of his minor fortune that he’s mostly squandered between whores and alcohol, with some spent bettering his craft. Formerly working as a common thug, the man has honed his craft and his blade in ways he had never dreamed. He blends in with the riffraff of the city quite well, using his roguish talents to evade the law. He is missing his little finger from his right hand after a run-in with some enemies and takes great pride in his wound. A constant shadow hangs over his face, as he always appears to be in need of a shave. He is self-conscious about his inability to grow a beard and believes that the stubble makes him appear more “dashing” and attractive to females.

He stands just under six feet tall and weighs about 140 pounds. He possesses a lean and lanky build built more for running than fighting.

Personality: While living in the underground of a city, one has to learn to adapt to changes as they come. Tesh is a perfect example of this rough and tumble attitude. It is survival of the fittest on the streets, something that he learned all too well. He is willing to steal from anyone, be they rich or poor, good or evil; a true neutral thief in all regards. He tends to hoard gold and treasure, being extremely greedy and self-centered, but is willing to make any deal to save his own hide.

He looks out for himself and his associates (though the latter is almost completely out of self interest) and is willing to fight to defend what he believes in. There is nothing that can be done to anger him more than denial of his rights. A major “freedom fighter”, he directly opposes large governments and political hierarchy in favor of his own “state of nature” philosophy. Seeing this, he is extremely paranoid. He believes that a hand extended in friendship often hides deception and that there is always an ulterior motive behind every decision.

Biography: The bastard child of a married nobleman and a tavern wench, Tesh spent many of his early childhood years sucking on a rum-filled bottle and conversing with the patrons of his mother’s establishment. He was frequently abused by his drunk and deleterious mother as he disapproved of her frequent sexual escapades. As soon as he reached the age of five, she sold him into slavery in order to pay her debt to a local loan shark. Seeing as he wasn’t worth much to the notorious criminal, he was later sold to a roaming pirate captain as a ship-hand. For years he learned how to murder and steal in the shadow of the law.

As the years grew on and crimes grew more common, the town began to grow on the young man. The alleyways full of vagabonds became his hiding place and the taverns became his home. He associated with the “scum of the earth” and robbed anyone that seemed to have enough coin to buy him his next drink at the local pub. He soon grew complacent with menial robberies and pick-pocketing and began to plan higher profile marks. He robbed pirate captains and guardsmen alike, never leaving behind evidence of his arrival. Despite this, word escaped into the streets that he had been committing these crimes and soon found himself cornered by local ruffians, the same men who had previously been in his crew.

After the assault, he found himself in a back alley, covered in some kind of ragged blanket and right hand wrapped in bandages, being nursed back to life by the homeless residents of the trash-filled intestines of the city. The muggers had taken his little finger, a punishment for stealing from their employer. He was without rank nor crew, no one would dare associate with someone who had angered the nobles of the city. He once again was alone and no longer had any “associates” to fall back on for help. Returning to his previous ways of random thuggery, the nine-fingered bandit began his work anew.

He managed to find his way into the employ of a rather eccentric employer, under whose employ Tesh found a good deal of gainful employment doing what he did best. From petty larceny to organized assassinations, he made his money any way he could. After a relatively large payoff, he realized that he could finally live his dream, he could retire to a place in the middle of nowhere or to a large manor, he could sleep his way from Luskan to Calimport and never touch the same bed in the same brothel twice. He could spread his wealth all across Faerun and drink himself to an early grave.. but that desire was diminished. He could purchase anything in the world except for the things he wanted most. He wanted to be a legend, he wanted vengeance, and he wanted his name to be known for a thousand leagues.

Tesh Havendale

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