Welcome to the Forgotten Realms- An Adventurer’s Fortune Campaign

The year is 1365 DR, known as the Year of the Sword. The 7th day of the 2nd Tenday(Week) In The Claw Of Winter(Febuary)

Our adventure begins in the port city of Luskan on the sword coast, only a tenday after a dangerous quest that took the group into the heart of Icewind dale. In the dale the group had been tasked to hunt down and slay an Adult White Dragon who had been terrorizing Ten Towns to the north for weeks. It was believed the dragon had made its lair somewhere near Ten Towns and Luskan was worried about it venturing south towards them if the Towns were destroyed.

The group had been chosen for their past accomplishments and abilities. They ventured nearly two tendays before discovering the lair. The dragon had been asleep as our hero’s entered, resting soundly atop his piles of treasure. Upon being disturbed the dragon attacked with such force the cave around the group shook. When the final blow was struck the dragon trashed about and struck the cave wall with such force the place began to collapse. The group quickly took what they could to prove the dragons demise but there was no time to collect the vast wealth the dragon had horded. One of the group however managed to grab a single chest on the way out.

Upon reaching the surface safely the chest was opened revealing fabulous gems, gold and an old map. The hero’s returned to Luskan, after a short recovery in Ten Towns, were they were praised for the dragons defeat. The group learned that the cave in had been so massive the treasure horde was more than likely lost in the lowest depths of ice with no hope of recovery. The group used its combined knowledge and some bardic lore to uncover that this map must lead to some great treasure the dragon had been searching for somewhere.

Now the group prepares to track down this treasure and claim what glory should have been theirs.

Forgotten Realms - An Adventurer's Fortune

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